New Location Coming to Starfish

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Starting June 2016, Starfish Aquatic Club will be offering lessons at the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders, NJ – an outdoor club with membership options for the summer.  

Starfish Aquatic Club clients do not have to be members to take lessons at this facility, but it is encouraged to get the benefits of the club.

We are excited to be adding this location to our year round locations and our summer location at Idlewild, which will be celebrating its 4th summer!

For more information about this location, please visit our website:

New Enrollment Process

Starfish Aquatic Club has changed our process for enrollment! 

Why? Because we listened to YOUR feedback, have restructured our managing team, and are focusing on our families first!!

What has changed:

  1. We want YOU to request YOUR time slots in order to serve YOU better:

    • This means…we are creating the schedules based on what OUR FAMILIES NEED (i.e. siblings at the same time, specific instructors, etc.)
    • This means...we are adding NEW classes such as more semi-private classes and DROPPED THE RATES of our semi-private classes so we can provide more custom services to our families
    • This means…we are promoting the option for 4-6 month packages (quickly becoming our MOST POPULAR option for lessons). 4-6 month packages include makeups, discounts, and the highest probability to have your instructor the entire time you take lessons with us.
    • This means…Our staff are serving YOU. Instead of you having to search for your lessons in our customer portal, simply REQUEST your lessons and WE do the work!
    • This means…No more getting closed out of your time slot because another family booked it before you, getting your first pick of lessons, getting your instructor of preference, less time searching for lessons online giving you more time with your families and less time being online.
  2. The schedule for lessons will be built AFTER families request their lessons, rather than before:

    • This means…you will NOT be able to view the schedule for the next session of lessons until we have put in the students that have requested their lessons (i.e. a week before the session starts). So we ENCOURAGE YOU to request your lessons so we can best serve YOU.
    • This means...the only lessons that will be available in the portal to enroll for lessons will be the spots available IN BETWEEN the already booked students (i.e. 4:40-5 if a student has already been booked at 4-4:20 and 4:40-5).
    • This means…there will be LESS blocks of time available for instructors as we are trying to give them more compacted schedules.
    • This means…more consistency for families and for instructors
  3. Once the schedule is created, we email YOU with your classes to review and confirm:

    • This means…you are NOT enrolling for a class in the customer portal so no need to log in and search for a class.
    • This means…you will be working with a manager to help you enroll rather than searching.
  4. For the 4-6 Month Packages (which are becoming our MOST POPULAR OPTION), we have changed a few things:

    • This means...your class schedule will show as a “4 Month Package” or a “6 Month Package” with a start and end date of the package, and the FULL AMOUNT of what the package will be.
    • This means...your class schedule will NOT SHOW as “December Session”, “November Session”, etc. It is a set schedule for a period of either 4 or 6 months.
    • This meansno possibility of NOT being enrolled for the next month of lessons since you are PRE-ENROLLED for the 4 or 6 months.
    • This means...knowing the full amount you are paying in advance, with the option of being billed once a month or in full.
  5. For the Semi-private option:

    • This means...we can enroll siblings, friends or cousins of the same age or ability (i.e. twins, a year apart in age, neighbors, etc.) at the same time with the same instructor.
    • This means…we DROPPED OUR RATES to make a more economical approach to lessons.
    • This means...we changed our MINIGROUPS to SEMIPRIVATE LESSONS of 2-3 students of the same age (i.e. 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds…etc)
    • This means…not only do we have pre-created Semi-private lessons, we also have the OPTION TO CREATE YOUR OWN.


So our management staff asks that you please give our new enrollment process a try as we feel it will only make your time at Starfish Aquatic Club, a better experience.


To request your next session of lessons please follow our SIMPLE NEW PROCESS here:





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