Pay as You Go Private Lessons Schedules and Enrollment

Please select from the location you would like to enroll in swim lessons:


  • Pay as You Go Private Lessons are lessons that are booked one lesson at a time, rather than a full 4 week session.
  • Great for families who want more flexibility with their schedule and not have to miss a lesson.
  • Schedules are updated each week based on the time slots available within our schedule.
  • Same instructor and time each lesson is NOT guaranteed.
  • Schedules are posted 1-2 weeks prior to the class.
  • If you are unsure of how your student will react to a longer session, we encourage all students to try the Pay as You Go Private Lessons or a skill assessment to determine the right instructor and length or type of lesson.  Once you have registered for a full session (i.e. 6 week session), there are no refunds.
  • If you would like to have the same time, day and instructor for a longer period of time please check out our 6 week sessions or 4 or 6 month package deal. Discounts of up to a free session of lessons and makeups included in the 4-6 month packages. 
  • Not sure what class to put your child in? Get a skill assessment done and we will assist you in determining the right class and instructor.