The mission of Starfish Aquatic Club is to provide a safe and inviting environment for children of all ages and abilities to learn how to swim. We specialize in New, Novice and Nervous swimmers, providing interpersonal connections with their instructors to foster a sense of security. Whether it is overcoming fears, learning new strokes or perfecting technique, our staff can teach your child in a fun, safe way, keeping their self esteem as our priority. We will meet your child where they are and help them progress to achieve their goals.

  • Starfish Aquatic Club is a Private Swim Lesson company that provides lessons children from 6 months to adults in the Morris, Essex, Union, Somerset and Hunterdon Counties.
  • Our lessons are specialized to YOUR needs, but have a level based structure. Each student’s skills are tracked in our online database which instructors and families can view in personal private accounts created for your convenience.
  • Evaluation for each student will be done on the first class to develop a plan on what will be covered throughout the lessons. They are then tracked in your customer account throughout the session. Progression happens over time, so please give your student at least 4-6 classes to start seeing skill progression.¬†
  • We work with families to provide private lessons for siblings at the same time, or consecutive times to allow for easier scheduling and only one trip for swim lessons. If you cannot find two spots at the same time or need assistance, please email us at [email protected]
  • We follow the Swim Lesson University¬†approach to teaching, and train our own staff with lesson plans and videos created by the Swim Lesson University.
  • Our instructors are Red Cross certified with CPR/First Aid/Lifeguarding and WSI.
  • We are a recognized swim school of United States Swim School Association
  • We offer different types of lessons which are explained in our Class Descriptions
  • Our Sessions are offered throughout the year and have specific start and end dates, as well as open enrollment dates.


  • Enrolling in any of our classes is done through our website.  If you need assistance for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at [email protected].
  • All schedules for classes can be found on the website – some may not be available until a certain date, and it will be indicated on when those schedules will be available on the website.