Temporary Class Offerings

Due to the current COVID-19 state guidelines in New Jersey, we will be temporarily changing the types of lessons offered at Starfish Aquatic Club, Inc. To stay in compliance with social distancing requirements, we will be limiting the number of students in any class to 2 students.

Starfish Aquatic Club Inc. will be offering the following types of classes until it is deemed safe to resume our regular classes.

Temporarily we will be offering lessons month long at all locations (except Wayne) at this time.

  1. Private 20 Minute Lessons – $120.00 per student ($30.00 deposit due at registration, remaining balance due the day lessons begin).
  2. Private 30 Minute Lessons – $155.00 per student ($30.00 deposit due at registration, remaining balance due the day lessons begin).
  3. Semiprivate 30 Minute Lessons for siblings (any age) or close friends (up to 2 students at a time) – $94.50 per student ($30.00 deposit due at registration, remaining balance due the day lessons begin).
  4. Parent Child Classes – $59.00 per student (6 months to 2 years). Limited to two students in a class.

All classes will be listed on the website as PRIVATE OR SEMIPRIVATE LESSONS. To reserve your lesson, simply click on the class and enroll. To change the class to a semiprivate class, simply EMAIL US and we will add the second student in. The second student can be ANY AGE, however if the student is under 2, the parent must be in the water during the lesson.

If you do miss a class and need to schedule a makeup, please submit your makeup request here:



Due to Covid-19, we have made some temporary changes to our program which can be found below: Safety protocols put in place:

  • Temperature screening will be conducted upon entrance to the facility and/or when entering the pool area. If your temperature exceeds 99.6 degrees, you will be unable to gain access and be asked to return home.
  • We will be limiting students in classes to private lessons or family semiprivate lessons.
  • Only one guardian will be permitted to accompany students to lessons.
  • All individuals are required to wear a face mask in the facility and on the pool deck. Students may remove their face mask upon entering the water.
  • All instructors will be required to wear face shields while in the water.
  • We will be physically spacing out lessons in the pool and chairs on the pool deck.
  • Chemical levels will be monitored and maintained to ensure the water is clean and safe. If levels become unsafe, we will be cancelling classes. 
  • We will be sanitizing any frequently touched surfaces.
  • To limit the amount of time in the facility, we encourage changing to and from swim attire to be done at home, if possible.
  • If there is an exposure to COVID-19 by a staff member, student or family member; Starfish Aquatic Club will send an email to families stating the time/day it occurred in the building, but will not disclose the person’s identity.

Registration and class type changes:

  • We will only be offering Private and Family Semiprivate classes at this time. A family semiprivate should include siblings or close family friends and can have varying ages. 
  • Parent Child classes of 2 students in the class.
  • You can reserve your time slot online by booking classes with a $30 deposit. The credit that is in (or will be in) your account can be used for your deposit and we will follow up with a statement that shows your balance. 
  • Please contact us for semiprivate enrollment. Any 30 minute private class can be reserved for a semiprivate by enrolling the first student and then contact us to add in the additional one.
  • At this time we are temporarily suspending group classes, open swim and long term packages of lessons. We will only be offering a monthly session or Pay As You Go Classes.
  • Month to month auto-enrollment has resumed

Details regarding your previous enrollments:

  • Every student that was scheduled for lessons in March 2020 will receive a credit for one month of lessons. This credit will not expire and can be used at any point. Our office staff will be coming today, so if your credit has not yet been applied, don’t panic; we assure you it will be shortly! A credit card is needed to register for classes but we will not be processing the deposit fee until we are sure everyone has their credits applied!
  • Registration fees for 2020 will be waived. Any fee that was processed will be applied towards 2021 registration fee.