Semiprivate Schedules and Enrollment

  • Semiprivate lessons meet ONCE a week for 30 minutes for an 8 week session. Semiprivate schedules are fairly consistent in the times and days they are offered throughout the year, however classes may be added due to demand, or cancelled due to lack of demand.
  • Most semiprivate lessons are NOT level based. They are age appropriate groups and may have children of different levels in the lesson.
  • Semiprivate lessons MUST have at least 2 students enrolled to be considered a semiprivate class, and if only ONE student is enrolled for a PRE-CREATED semiprivate class, then it will be dropped to a 20 minute private lesson.
  • To create your own semiprivate class, you must be enrolling 2-3 students in the class otherwise it is considered a private lesson.
  • Semiprivate lessons are a great economical alternative to private lessons. Put up to 3 students in one group for a half hour lesson. We can create a group of 2-3 students by contacting us and selecting a 30 minute time slot from the above schedule for us to enroll your children.
  • Semiprivate lessons are great for families who would like to put friends or siblings together in a group.
  • No makeups provided