New Years Eve Special


Bought a package of 6 private lessons?


  1. Once purchased, the management has put in a credit in your account equal to 6 Pay as You Go Private Lessons to book at any time.
  2. Book your classes by clicking here and click the “register” link next to any of the available classes.
  3. Select “I am already a customer”, put in your password and enroll!

The class fee will be deducted from the credit in your account for the 6 classes, until you reach a ZERO balance.

Fine Print:

Lessons can only be booked from the Pay as You Go Private Lesson schedule that changes week to week, and is only available one week in advance.  Cannot be used towards an 8 week session or a 4-6 month package. Same instructor, time and day are NOT guaranteed and are subject to availability. Lessons can be used at ANY of the Starfish Aquatic Club locations including outdoor seasonal locations. Special is limited to 1 per student, 2 per family. No other discounts, promotions or credits can be used in combination with this special. Lessons can be used until 12/31/20, or becomes a credit for the amount purchased after that date. 


Winter Swimming Tips

When you think of enrolling your child in swimming lessons, what comes to mind? Do you think about long summer days watching your child splash happily in the pool or cheering them on as they swim in their first race? Maybe you think about spending summers at the lake or beach and watching your child swim with confidence and ease.

What you might not think about, however, is just how important it is to keep your child enrolled in swimming lessons throughout the winter. Though the short, cold days may seem like an unlikely time of year for swimming lessons, there are numerous advantages to wintertime swimming lessons.

1. It Helps With Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that appears at the same time each year. For children, winter can be a particularly difficult time as daylight hours become shorter, normal summer-fun routines get cut back, and cold weather prevents them from enjoying time outdoors. All of these can lead children to feel symptoms of depression or unexplained fatigue. However, by keeping your child enrolled in swimming lessons throughout the winter months, they can engage in regular exercise that’s been proven to help children get better sleep, keep energy levels and appetites up, and provide other relief to these symptoms.

2. They Create More Opportunities for Socialization

In the winter, your child doesn’t have as many opportunities to play with friends or meet new acquaintances at places like parks, playgrounds, or picnics. However, with weekly swim lessons, your child can have a much-needed break from the confinement of the indoors while also having the chance to socialize with friends both new and old. Not only does this help thwart the loneliness that can often accompany long winter months, but it keeps you child on a reliable schedule that they can look forward to throughout the week.

3. They Can Stay Healthy

Moderate exercise is proven to help boost the immune system and keep your child healthy during a time when sickness tends to run rampant. And while it’s best not to put additional stress on your child’s immune system if they are fighting an illness, keeping them enrolled in swimming lessons when they are healthy will help them build a strong immune system. Additionally, swimming helps your child stay healthy in the following ways:


  • It improves cardiovascular health by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels (for all ages!) low.
  • It’s one of the most effective exercises for kids to strengthen every muscle in their body.
  • It helps your child burn off the calories in fat that builds up and clogs arteries.
  • It helps prevent diabetes and childhood obesity.

4. Winter Swim Lessons Facilitate Year Round Safety

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to keep your child enrolled in swimming lessons throughout the winter is to ensure their safety and security around water. Unfortunately, the statistics on child drownings are very grim: an average of 350 children under the age of five drown in pools each year – a majority of which occur in June, July, and August. And while having a few months of swimming lessons here and there will no doubt help to give your child safe exposure to water, keeping them enrolled throughout the winter will give them the skills and techniques they need to stay safe in the water.

The basics of swim safety teach your child to turn over and float independently in case they accidentally find themselves in deep water. As the foundation of toddler and kids swimming lessons, instructors will help your child build upon these skills so they feel comfortable and confident while swimming in any body of water – from the bathtub to the ocean.

After a winter of swimming lessons, you can have peace of mind come summer when pools open, vacations call, and your child longs to get swimming!

As you can see, there are several key benefits of keeping your child enrolled in swimming lessons throughout the winter. Sign your child up for swimming lessons at Starfish Aquatic Club, today!

New Changes Coming to Starfish Aquatic Club


There have been a lot of changes for Starfish Aquatic Club over the past year since July 2016!

We have seen 4 new locations added to our company: Randolph – LA Fitness (July 2016); Piscataway – LA Fitness (September 2016); West Orange – LA Fitness (January 2017) and Clark – LA Fitness (April 2017), with two additional locations possibly being added in 2018.

The administrative staff have been working very hard to accommodate the needs of the families, students, instructors, and locations alike, and are making changes that we feel will benefit the company as a whole.

So coming this Fall 2 Session – we are making some BIG changes!!


  1. Length of our sessions – You will see our sessions have now changed from 6 to 8 weeks in length starting the Fall 2 Session, as well continuing our 4 and 6 month packages. Our Summer 1 and Summer 2 Sessions will still remain at 4 weeks to accommodate for vacations for families, but there will be the option to do BOTH sessions.
  2. Fee structure changes – You will notice that our fees have changed, although they LOOK like they have increased, they actually have not.  Instead of adding tax to your fees once you have enrolled, the fees are posted with the taxes included and that is the amount you can expect to pay. Nothing more.
  3. Payment options – Yes our fees have changed from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, but the breakdown is still the same per lesson. And we have now added MONTHLY payments for the 8 week sessions, meaning you can break down your payments into two payments around the 20th of the month. The 4 and 6 month packages will still have monthly payments for the 10th of the month.
  4. MAKEUPS!! – Yes that is correct!!  We will have ONE makeup included in the 8 week sessions for PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY! For the 4 and 6 month packages, we have added an ADDITIONAL makeup for each package: (2) makeups for the 4 month package; and (3) makeups for the 6 month package. There will not be any makeups for the Summer 1 or Summer 2 Sessions unless both sessions are enrolled for.
  5. More about makeups – All makeups will have to be completed within 2 weeks from the missed class, so if you miss a class on the last day of the session, you will have two weeks to complete the makeup from that date.
  6. Scheduled days off – The 8 week session for the Fall 2 Session will include Halloween, and Wednesday-Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend as holidays (no lessons held), but you will still get 8 lessons total by ending in December.

We really hope that these changes will help to accommodate all of our families more and give our students some more flexibility with payments and scheduling!


The Starfish Team