Stroke Clinic

We offer a stroke clinic for children between 8-12 looking for a class to work on stroke technique and swim team development.  This is not a swim team, but an instructional group that is designed to prepare students who would like to join a swim team or who just want to continue improving their strokes and endurance.

This class is offered once a week for 45 minutes. Up to 8 students permitted in the class.

Fee: $215.00 for an 8 week session; $107.00 for Summer 1 and Summer 2 (4 week sessions). All taxes included.

To register please click the register link next to the class


Summer League Prep Stroke Clinic:

A stroke clinic for swimmers who would like to, or have participated in a summer league team.  This class will focus on all 4 strokes, starts and turns in preparation for the summer.  This is an hour class that meets for one week.