New Changes Coming to Starfish Aquatic Club


There have been a lot of changes for Starfish Aquatic Club over the past year since July 2016!

We have seen 4 new locations added to our company: Randolph – LA Fitness (July 2016); Piscataway – LA Fitness (September 2016); West Orange – LA Fitness (January 2017) and Clark – LA Fitness (April 2017), with two additional locations possibly being added in 2018.

The administrative staff have been working very hard to accommodate the needs of the families, students, instructors, and locations alike, and are making changes that we feel will benefit the company as a whole.

So coming this Fall 2 Session – we are making some BIG changes!!


  1. Length of our sessions – You will see our sessions have now changed from 6 to 8 weeks in length starting the Fall 2 Session, as well continuing our 4 and 6 month packages. Our Summer 1 and Summer 2 Sessions will still remain at 4 weeks to accommodate for vacations for families, but there will be the option to do BOTH sessions.
  2. Fee structure changes – You will notice that our fees have changed, although they LOOK like they have increased, they actually have not.  Instead of adding tax to your fees once you have enrolled, the fees are posted with the taxes included and that is the amount you can expect to pay. Nothing more.
  3. Payment options – Yes our fees have changed from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, but the breakdown is still the same per lesson. And we have now added MONTHLY payments for the 8 week sessions, meaning you can break down your payments into two payments around the 20th of the month. The 4 and 6 month packages will still have monthly payments for the 10th of the month.
  4. MAKEUPS!! – Yes that is correct!!  We will have ONE makeup included in the 8 week sessions for PRIVATE LESSONS ONLY! For the 4 and 6 month packages, we have added an ADDITIONAL makeup for each package: (2) makeups for the 4 month package; and (3) makeups for the 6 month package. There will not be any makeups for the Summer 1 or Summer 2 Sessions unless both sessions are enrolled for.
  5. More about makeups – All makeups will have to be completed within 2 weeks from the missed class, so if you miss a class on the last day of the session, you will have two weeks to complete the makeup from that date.
  6. Scheduled days off – The 8 week session for the Fall 2 Session will include Halloween, and Wednesday-Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend as holidays (no lessons held), but you will still get 8 lessons total by ending in December.

We really hope that these changes will help to accommodate all of our families more and give our students some more flexibility with payments and scheduling!


The Starfish Team